What is Google Question Hub

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What is Google Question Hub

Google Question hub is a free tool designed by google. You will know that whenever a question comes in your mind, then you ask the question to anyone if they do not get the answer, then you search by putting those questions in google.

But, there are still many such questions on Google that do not answer the answer. Google has developed a question hub tool to give answers to those questions and to provide better service to the people.

Also, when you can not find the answer to your questions, google gives the option of feedback to you.

People who can not find the answer to their question, they type in their question in the box of google feedback. And add those questions to google question hub tool.

Benefits of using the question hub:

There are many benefits to using the question hub. From these we are telling you some benefits here. With this you will know this idea that what people search on google. And the question of which question can not be found in them.

And you can write the answer to those questions in your post by submitting your link to the question hub in which you answered the question. Through the question hub, you can increase the Traffic of your website / blog.

In addition, Google has also started Compitition for it, in which you can participate and win many prizes too. These prizes are given to those who answer more and more questions in question hub and use it better.

If you are new to the question hub you may have trouble accessing them. Because you are new you do not know which option is for something. Which is how to use it. So in this we tell you about the full features of the question hub in detail.


Through these options, you have selected the question from any topic in the question hub, which will show the list of all the questions here. From here you can answer all the questions as well as rejection the question that you do not want to answer.

2. History

You can see all the questions answered by this option. Also, you can see the history of all of those who have rejected the question from here.


From here you can choose the subject of the question. The question you want to answer For example, my website is related to Technology topic, then I will select the option of technology. This will mean that the questions that come before you will be related to technology. Remember you can choose only 25 questions at a time.


With this option you can change the primary language of your account and through this option you can also change the question of language.

You can also delete your activity and history from here and also delete your account forever.

There is another option in this CSV by which you can see all your history and activity by downloading them or saving them in your computer or mobile.

5.Send feedback

Through this option you can contact the question hub team. That is, if you get any problems, you can use this option for help.

How to join question hub?

If you are interested in the question hub then you can join and answer the question. But, you can not have direct join in it. You have to follow a step to join this. Let us try to know about that step.

First of all, you can click on this link of question hub 👉 questionhub.google.com
Now a page will be opened in front of you, there will be 2 options given.

  1. A login and the second sign up is written in the second option, something like this: -Express your interest to use Question Hub here. Click on “here”

As soon as you click, your email inbox will open in front of you, there will be an option to send an email. You have to add your full name, email and website link to it. And send to the question hub email.

After a few days you will receive an email, there will be a link to sign up, from there you can create an account in question hub. And can use it.

How do you answer the question in question hub?

It is very easy to reply to this. The First Time You can click on this link: – questionhub.google.com

Now you can see that you have reached the question hub’s website.

Now click on the login option. Enter your email and password and log in.

Now click on the section of the question, you have now come across a lot of questions that you want to give anawer to.

Now you can click on that option with the answer.

Now past the link to the post that answers the question.

Now you have the option of submitting it in the bottom, click on it. Now the answer to your question has been submitted.

Note: – Here you submit a link to your website’s post otherwise your account may be suspended.

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